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Zerona testimonials

I would like to describe my experience with the Zerona Laser.
First of all, the staff is top notch! They are always friendly, they know me by name when I come in and I am always greeted with a smile. They have been a very positive part of my Zerona experience!

What can I say about Maya? She is great! She scheduled a consultation for me before my treatments and put me completely at ease. She answered all of my questions with confidence. She explained the protocol in easy to understand terms. If I can do this, anyone can do it! Another bonus to me was the fact that the treatments are done in a medical facility definitely made me feel better about the procedure.

The procedure itself was a piece of cake! It couldn’t be easier! You go into the treatment room where it’s nice and warm and there is soft music playing in the background and just lie down. That’s it! It’s like a mini escape in the middle of your day! Or, if you prefer not to have the music you could even have a conversation on your phone – the laser is that quiet. There were many times that I was so relaxed during my treatment, that I actually fell asleep!

The thing that I was most impressed with and pleased about was the number of inches that I lost! I could not believe it! I was truly amazed at the number of inches that I lost. I was most pleased with the number of inches I lost on my belly and hips! I was truly amazed. I was one of those people who that that this couldn’t possibly work as well as the claims made it seem but, I am here to say that it DOES work and it IS just as easy as they say it is.

I would without a doubt have the treatments again and again!


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