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This news story originally appeared at Health - Purple Foxy Ladies on 1 December 2022

Zeto Implements encevis’ Seizure Detection and Trending Algorithms

Health - Purple Foxy Ladies originally published at Health - Purple Foxy Ladies

The only zero-prep, full-montage, rapid EEG solution for clinical use now offers near real-time notification of ongoing seizures by using reliable FDA cleared seizure detection software

Zeto Implements encevis’ Seizure Detection and Trending Algorithms
Zeto-encevis PR

Zeto Implements encevis' Seizure Detection and Trending Algorithms

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - December 1, 2022 - (

Zeto, Inc., an innovative EEG brain monitoring company, announced today the integration of FDA cleared seizure detection and trending algorithms developed by encevis, now available as part of the Zeto EEG platform. encevis is powered by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, a renowned research and technology organization in Europe, and their EEG analysis software is widely utilized and peer reviewed by physicians across the world.

These new tools will help Zeto's customers speed up EEG reviews. The trending module graphically reports several hours of EEG into a simple display to allow rapid assessment of brain states. The seizure detection component offers high sensitivity with low false alarm rates, matching and in parts surpassing industry benchmarks. Proven by three independent clinical publications, and harvesting the power of AI and deep learning, the software provides a detailed overview of seizures and suspicious EEG activity.

"According to current studies, 18% of critically ill patients with serious brain diseases suffer from unrecognized non-convulsive epileptic seizures, frequently leading to neurological disabilities. The joint efforts of Zeto and encevis will make EEG faster to read by automatically detecting and orienting the reader to abnormalities. Seizures will be automatically detected and marked in the EEG for review. Near real-time detection notifies medical staff about patients with ongoing clinical seizures," said Dr. Tilmann Kluge, head of Medical Signal Analysis of AIT.

"We are excited to integrate encevis' seizure detection and trending tools into our platform. Collaborative projects such as this ensure a seamless user experience and enable healthcare providers to offer the best care to their patients at an affordable price," said Florian Strelzyk, Chief Sales Officer at Zeto.

Zeto EEG analysis features will continue to evolve as more third party integrations become available. Zeto is committed to driving innovation in brain monitoring by opening its platform to strategic projects and partnerships that empower health care providers to diagnose their patients rapidly and more effectively.

About Zeto

Zeto, Inc. is an award-winning, privately held medical technology company located in Santa Clara, California, that is focused on transforming the way electroencephalography (EEG) is performed at hospitals and clinics. Zeto's revolutionary FDA-cleared EEG headset and cloud platform bring the traditional EEG procedure to the 21st century. 

To learn more about Zeto's products, including the remote EEG monitoring, please visit: or email us at

About encevis

encevis is a part of the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria's largest non-university research institute, is among the European research institutes a specialist in the key infrastructure issues of the future.

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Health - Purple Foxy Ladies originally published at Health - Purple Foxy Ladies

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