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This news story originally appeared at Health - Purple Foxy Ladies on 28 December 2022

Retreat Behavioral Health Set to Enhance Inpatient Mental Health Treatment With Brainsway: Deep TMS Therapy

Health - Purple Foxy Ladies originally published at Health - Purple Foxy Ladies

Retreat Partners With BrainsWay to Bring Alternative and Innovative Mental Health Care to Its Inpatient Facilities

PALM SPRINGS, Fla. - December 28, 2022 - (

Effective Dec. 21, 2022, Retreat Behavioral Health began to utilize Brainsway: Deep TMS therapy at the inpatient level at its facilities located in Ephrata, PA, and Palm Springs, FL.

BrainsWay Deep TMS therapy is an FDA-approved, non-invasive form of brain stimulation. The treatment is a patented helmet tool that uses DTMS — deep transcranial magnetic stimulation — to stimulate parts of the brain associated with depression. Brainsway also aids in the treatment of anxious depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and smoking dependency. 

"Retreat decided to bring the Brainsway device to the inpatient after using it for some time now at the outpatient level and seeing its great results," said Ken Kosza, Chief Operating Officer at Retreat Behavioral Health. "Most of the patients we have served are folks that have struggled with depression for many years and have tried several different medications and therapies without their desired results. Brainsway's outcome shows a significant impact on the lives of the people who utilize the service."

Retreat is especially pleased to bring this service to the veteran population enrolled in the Healing Our Heroes program. Veterans tend to struggle with depression and co-occurring disorders at higher rates than civilians who did not spend time in the service. Retreat is proud to be able to offer this ancillary service that can make a significant impact on their journey. 

Retreat is excited to bring Brainsway to its inpatient residential treatment facility, allowing them to readily identify patients that have failed with other treatments and can benefit from this effective treatment for severe depression. The setting will also allow for a safe environment where a patient can be properly monitored for the entire duration of the treatment. They will start to use this with patients within their veteran population. Of course, they will continue to offer this in outpatient settings.

Due to Brainsway being a non-invasive form of treatment that does not require surgery or implantation of electrodes, side effects are minimal and non-systemic. The most common side effects are temporary, mild pain or discomfort in the area of the treatment site, which commonly occurs within the first week of treatment.

Retreat is proud to be able to supplement our mental health treatment options at the inpatient level by providing state-of-the-art equipment and treatment such as Brainsway. To learn more, visit


For more information, please call 855.802.6600, visit our website at, or connect with Retreat Behavioral Health on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Retreat Behavioral Health is a healthcare provider based in Palm Beach County, FL, operating large residential and outpatient treatment sites throughout Florida, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Retreat specializes in substance use and mental health care services.

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Original Source: Retreat Behavioral Health Set to Enhance Inpatient Mental Health Treatment With Brainsway: Deep TMS Therapy

Health - Purple Foxy Ladies originally published at Health - Purple Foxy Ladies

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