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This news story originally appeared at Health - Trend Magazine on 6 June 2022

Origin26 Next-Generation DNA-Based Healthcare Coming Soon with World’s First DeSci Genomic Project

Health - Trend Magazine originally published at Health - Trend Magazine

Origin26 is a trailblazing blockchain application for predictive healthcare using genetic data.

Origin26 World’s First Decentralized Science Genomic Project is Making Headway into Predictive Healthcare and Research

People across the world will be able to own, manage and share their DNA tests and genome data for scientific research and predictive healthcare.

Origin26 A newly emerging Web3 trend, Decentralized Science (DeSci), much like the hugely popular and trending DeFi applications.

We have a big opportunity of creating globally accessible pool of genomic sequences and DNA test results. All of this opens up new possibilities of protecting test data and sharing genomic data.”

— Sony G. Ifergan, President & CEO

LONDON, ROYAUME-UNI, June 6, 2022 / — The human genome sequencing was completed in 2001. Since then, the next big change in technology has been blockchain. As an immutable public ledger, there is a natural fit in putting the human genome on blockchain to maximize leverage of its immense utility and potential in diagnosing and predicting diseases, and managing treatments. The new DeSci (decentralized science) platform Origin26 aims to do precisely this.

A newly emerging Web3 trend, Decentralized Science (DeSci), much like the hugely popular and trending DeFi applications, aims to change the way scientists and researchers interact, access data, share knowledge, or receive funding. The main thrust is towards finance and sharing of information among peers, removing current barriers and restrictions. Biotech is among the top fields in focus in such initiatives revolving around the creation of DAOs and launch of NFTs.

Origin26 is creating a new global blockchain-based distribution ecosystem for DNA data, where users will be able to request DNA tests on the blockchain, receive results, and share the outcomes with pharma industry in return for financial incentives. This peer-to-peer distribution network will do away with the current scenario where data companies act as middlemen and charge high fees.

The genomic market is growing at 10% annual rate. Advanced genetic testing products are considered among the key drivers. Among the main obstacles is the challenge of analyzing huge sets of data (the human genome is 3 billion base pairs).

Genome26 has created a novel file system called the Planetary File System which saves on cost while sharing files. Users get to save their DNA test results (generated by Origin26). The results are encrypted and stored on the blockchain. Any researcher or organization, including pharma companies or healthcare professionals, can search for test results or content across the user database on the blockchain. The results can be downloaded in exchange for $Origin26 tokens. A DNA management app makes it even easier.

With Origin26, the genetic data can be analyzed on the platform, and users can track their treatment details and receive diagnosis. An algorithm will also analyze the data, which will be reviews by data engineers and shared in public to aid further research. Such a platform will also help avoid mistakes in treatments.

Use of encryption and safety against hacking are just some of the safeguards of a blockchain. The Origin26 platform will enable better outcomes for predicting illnesses, helping generate recommendations, and rewarding users for sharing their data. Personalized medicine will get a further boost, and so will genetic research.

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About Us
Origin26 is a pioneer in consultative genomic services using blockchain technologies. Origin26 is building tomorrow’s decentralized genomics ecosystem which will enable a new age of predictive and personalized medicine without costly third-party mediation. Through collaboration among users and organizations, it will offer a high-level database of DNA results and genomic sequences with complete security and trust. ORIGIN26 believes in a proper DNA distribution system, streamlining the development of human medicine with unprecedented precision.

The company’s $ORIGIN26 utility token will serve as the native currency will allow monetizing genomic, phenotype and biometric data in a new incentive environment. Origin26, as the world’s first decentralized economic ecosystem, will play a key role in the ongoing scientific and clinical research in critical illnesses around the world.

$ORIGIN26 utility token is built on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). ORIGIN26 is adeptly designed with a unique rewards system, OpenSea-minted NFT’s, and a focus on sustainable long-term growth through our innovative Decentralized Application: ORIGIN26dApp

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Origin26 The World’s First Decentralized Science Genomic Ecosystem

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Health - Trend Magazine originally published at Health - Trend Magazine

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