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This news story originally appeared at Health - Trend Magazine on 31 May 2022

Neck Pain can be treated without medications

Health - Trend Magazine originally published at Health - Trend Magazine

Neck pain cane be treated with physiotherapy treatment”

— Shahnaz Gupta

DELTA, BC, CANADA, May 27, 2022 / — Shahnaz Gupta CEO of Sunshine Physiotherapy and sports clinic mentioned, Sometimes the search for new neck pain treatment seems like it never ends. Physiotherapists are well-versed in diagnosing and treating many different types of neck pain. There are different types and causes for neck pain one should be aware about before diving into an appointment.

Neck pain comes in lots of forms. The pain can range anywhere from mild to excruciating. Most neck pain is in one central area and the pain will fade by itself in anywhere from a couple days to a few weeks. Sometimes though, the pain can become constant and migrates to a different area of the body such as the shoulder or arm. Stiff neck, sharp pains, trouble grabbing or lifting objects, and headaches can all be caused by neck pain. These symptoms may develop over time or suddenly without any warning, whether injury has occurred or not. They can make everyday luxuries, like sleeping or driving, difficult if not impossible.

It is important to note that some types of neck pain may require immediate medical attention. Feeling additional pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in your arms and legs should warrant an urgent visit to a physician. Additionally, coordination issues, loss of bladder control, unintended weight loss, fevers, chills, and severe headaches with a stiff neck are what to watch out for. Remembering this could be a real lifesaver.

While underlying conditions are sometimes the culprit of neck pain, there are a couple of habits one may have that could also be the cause. Wearing heavy necklaces, carrying heavy shoulder bags, or participating in events where one may have to crane neck for a long period of time are the simplest contributors to eliminate. Unfortunately, there are others that are not so easy to correct such as gritting teeth, sleeping position, or previous injuries or traumas in the neck area.

There are two very common conditions that could be related to neck pain. Of course, these are not the only two conditions that can cause it. Spondylosis is an age-related condition where joints and the cartilage discs of the neck are affected. Whiplash is another neck injury that is caused by a sudden back and forth movement of the neck.

Physiotherapy is for sure ground-breaking when it comes to neck pain treatment. As stated in the introduction, physiotherapists are very skilled in diagnosing and treating neck pain. They have plenty of techniques that fall under the category of physiotherapy and are aimed at specific parts of the neck and the cause of the pain.

Shahnaz further added Oftentimes, physiotherapy in neck pain includes posture correction. This is achieved by strengthening muscles and increasing endurance. Though there are different techniques, the main goal of physiotherapy is to restore the painless movement of your neck and teach you how to strengthen those muscles and maintain a good posture.

Shahnaz Gupta
Sunshine physiotherapy and sports clinic
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Health - Trend Magazine originally published at Health - Trend Magazine

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