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Healthmetryx to Conduct Cluster Analysis Programs at The University of Santo Amaro

HMX to help University study respiratory health of student population and develop hospital out-patient monitoring strategy.

97.3 percent of the global population breathes unsafe air. Cluster analysis programs are vital to monitoring the effects of global air pollution on the respiratory health of vulnerable populations.”

— Louis A. Young II, Founding CEO, Healthmetryx, Inc.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, July 12, 2022 / — Healthmetryx, Inc. (HMX), a health data analytics company, secured a letter of intent (LOI) to conduct two Cluster Analysis Programs (CAP) with The University of Santo Amaro (UNISA) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The LOI is scheduled for implementation in late 2022. HMX specializes in breath-based, early-detection/self-monitoring technology and anonymized, real-time, respiratory and ambient air-composition data originated from its patent-pending, data-collection device, the Clarinet®.

UNISA seeks to partner with Healthmetryx to execute 2 distinct CAP studies over a 5-year period. In the first study, the University will conduct remote respiratory monitoring of its student population over the course of their academic careers. In the second study, UNISA seeks to conduct remote respiratory monitoring of a hospital’s out-patient population.

“The goal is to help develop scientific-based evidence of the value of the data collected by the Clarinet and its relevance among the general population and among patients under home medical assistance as an out-patient hospital monitoring strategy,” says Professor Renato de Brito Sanchez, Ph.D. and UNISA’s Leading Researcher.

Healthmetryx specializes in breath-based, early-detection/self-monitoring technology that is particularly useful in remote patient monitoring (RPM) and cluster analysis programs. The Clarinet can remotely collect detailed pulmonary, chemical, spirometry, and oximetry data from its user. This data can be transmitted directly to the attending physician for RPM purposes, providing the opportunity for remote, real-time insight into the respiratory health of the individual.

The purpose of the HMX Cluster Analysis Program is to assist partnering organizations in gathering actionable and meaningful respiratory data on the health status of a chosen population. A CAP study group may be made up of employees, students, patients, residents, or any selected population segment upon which the organization wishes to study and gather data. Organizations use the accumulated data to gain insights, find correlations, foster changes, solve problems, and achieve their own particular organizational goals (e.g., policy, R&D, corporate wellness, early detection, cost management, strategic planning, etc.).

“According to the World Health Organization, 97.3 percent of the global population breathes unsafe air that takes over 2 years off of global life expectancy. That’s a collective 17 billion years of life,” said Louis A. Young, II, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Healthmetryx, Inc. “Cluster analysis programs are potent, vital, early-detection tools in the arsenal of organizations to monitor the effects of global air pollution on the respiratory health of vulnerable populations.”

For UNISA, the CAP studies demonstrate the University’s commitment to science and the institution’s desire for sharing knowledge with the international scientific community and technology companies.

About Healthmetryx, Inc.:

Healthmetryx, Inc. (HMX), of Boston, Massachusetts, is a health data analytics company that specializes in breath-based, early-detection/self-monitoring technology. Through its patent-pending, wearable, data-collection device, the Clarinet®, the company produces anonymized, real-time, respiratory data and ambient air-composition data. The firm’s mission is to equip individuals with an exceptional array of breath-based, early-detection data and tools to remotely self-monitor and detect incremental changes in their respiratory and health status. The firm also provides governments, clinical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, corporate wellness programs, and other organizations with the actionable, meaningful respiratory data they need to gain health insights, find correlations, foster changes, and solve problems. Founded in 2020, HMX holds 2 patent licenses in partnership with The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to develop breath-based, health-monitoring technologies. For more information, please call (978) 870-6521 or visit

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