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This news story originally appeared at Health - Trend Magazine on 5 June 2022

Dr. Nancy A. Taylor launches Taylormade Senior Advocacy and Consulting, LLC. Nationwide

Health - Trend Magazine originally published at Health - Trend Magazine

Professional Independent Advocate| Expert on Aging| Pharmacist| BCPA | CSA

A consulting and advocacy service that helps older adults and their families navigate through challenging circumstances in their health and lifecare journey.

I guide and empower older adults and their families; through my services clients find security and peace of mind. Let me help you create a resolution that is Taylormade for you!”

— Dr. Nancy A Taylor

PARK CITY, UT, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2022 / — Dr. Nancy A. Taylor provides a guiding hand with decision making, Medicare education, including choosing drug plans, provider and care coordination, and medication management. Through her services clients find security and peace of mind along their lifecare journey. The initial service offerings include Collaborative Deliberation, Comprehensive Clinical Medication Review, Provider and Care Coordination, Medicare Education and Drug Plan Selection, and Medication Therapy Management. Dr. Taylor’s services are now available nationwide digitally and clients can request a free consultation on

As a community pharmacist for 15 years, Dr. Nancy A. Taylor found there is no better place to practice patient advocacy as far as she’s concerned; she has seen it all. She is a Board-Certified Patient Advocate; she is educated in patient advocacy issues and ascribes to the highest level of Code of Ethics in her profession. As a Certified Senior Advisor Dr. Taylor is an expert on aging; she understands an older adult’s current life journey whether heading into a change in housing, second career, seen or unforeseen health issues or other aspects of aging.

Dr. Taylor is a woman from small town America, raised in a family business (a local drugstore no less) who believes in a “wholelistic” approach to healthcare. She followed in the footsteps of her pharmacist father who gave her the best piece of advice while she was still very young. He said, “We are not just dispensing medicine, we are dispensing HOPE. Remember Nancy, your empathy, compassion and sense of humor is as much medicine as are pills and creams.” Dr. Taylor strives to live by those words daily in providing care for the WHOLE person.

Statement from Dr. Nancy Taylor: “For years now I have listened with dismay to an increasing number of older adults share their healthcare burdens with me during a medication counseling session and felt a weight in my heart because I could not help them other than to offer a few words of counsel and encouragement in the limited time constraint of my profession. During my time as a community pharmacist, I was considered by social norms to be the most accessible healthcare provider, which is true; I saw people at the beginning and/or end of their current health circumstances. However, by the time they got to me they were so defeated by their circumstances there seemed to be little I could do to help. I have watched the need for healthcare advocacy grow at an alarming rate and I want to do more for my clients. To accomplish this, I knew I needed to step out from behind the counter and into a collaborative union with older adults in need of a personal advocate. Now I have the time to dedicate to those in need of answers before they reach the defeated stage.”


“When my father, 83, needed surgery, I was at a loss to understand what kinds of help he would need during and afterward. Dr. Taylor was a Godsend to help me navigate the medical terminology and describe in layman’s terms what dad needed. Dr. Taylor is highly qualified, compassionate and professional. I’m so glad she was there to help us through this difficult time.” – Lisa, Wyoming

“Dr. Taylor has the innate ability to create trust and she has the desire and ability to solve any patient problems.” – David Sneddon, RPh

“Working with Nancy, I have consistently seen her ability to analyze a situation, diagnose a problem, and quickly employ a solution to provide a positive outcome.” -Dr. Heath Lamoreaux.

“She performed an exhaustive analysis of my dad’s medications, medical history and conditions. She was very thorough, competent and left no stone unturned. She discovered multiple reasons for my dad’s symptoms and gave us a complete write-up for us to share with his providers. If you are concerned about your loved one’s medication interactions, I highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Taylor.” – Suzanne, Mississippi

Dr. Nancy A. Taylor, BCPA, CSA
Taylormade Senior Advocacy & Consulting LLC
+1 877-216-7450
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Let me help you create a resolution Taylormade for You!

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Health - Trend Magazine originally published at Health - Trend Magazine

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