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This news story originally appeared at Beauty - Trend Magazine on 19 August 2022

Beauty Queen Becomes Destroyer Captain in 10 Years | China’s 1st Female Destroyer Captain PLA Navy

Beauty - Trend Magazine originally published at Beauty - Trend Magazine

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A miss beauty pageant became the captain of China’s main missile destroyer after 10 years of enlistment. Her name is Wei Huixiao, a regimental commander with the rank of colonel, who joined the Chinese navy in 2012 at the age of 35 and was appointed as the captain of the New 052D guided missile destroyer, Shaoxing, in March this year.

Her life has been so successful that even famous CCTV host Benny Sa exclaimed, “Her experience is so amazing that no TV drama would dare to write a story like this!
Wei Huixiao’s promotion in the military is unimaginably fast.
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Beauty - Trend Magazine originally published at Beauty - Trend Magazine

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