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This news story originally appeared at Celebrity - Show Biz clinic on 3 February 2023

Abusive Russian to face Pro Wrestling Legend!

Celebrity - Show Biz clinic originally published at Celebrity - Show Biz clinic

Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Alberto Del Rio, Chris Masters, Many More Stars to Appear!
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Jake The Snake Roberts – In Person!

LOS ANGELESJan. 26, 2023PRLog — Moscow’s “legend-destroyer” Vladimir Moskayev began competing in Greco-Roman wrestling at age six. A series of impressive victories in Germany, Poland, and Georgia led to major competition in the US.

“My great, superior accomplishments not enough,” the braggadocious Russian wrestler told us at today’s press conference. “Now I defeat every living wrestling legend!”

Moskayev is scheduled to face former World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion Alberto Del Rio (Alberto El Patron) on March 30 at the San Gabriel (Greater Los Angeles) Sheraton Hotel. Del Rio, who also has a background in Greco-Roman wrestling, will be accompanied by his personal, internationally known ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. In Moskayev’s corner will be his manager, Sheik Muhammad (Gaza, Palestine). No stranger to controversy, Sheik moved to Iraq “to help” in 2003 when, in his words, “the US attacked for no reason.” He also insists that Iraq won the war and claims to now “teach truth” at California mosques.

“Igor also be in my corner,” Moskayev added. “He is Sheik’s slave. Cost 10,000 Russian rubles.”

Moskayev emphatically stated “All the world hate Russia because they are jealous of us! No force in all world can ever beat us!” Asked what the fans can expect on March 30th, he forcefully answered, “Victory! Just like when we beat Warlord and Barbarian and all others! Also, in honor of personal hero, best wrestler ever, Nikolai Volkoff, we sing Russian National Anthem. Make sure everyone stand!”

“Mission,” he continued, “is to destroy and humiliate every possible wrestling legend and demonstrate Russian superiority. On March 30, I destroy best Mexican wrestler ever, Alberto Del Rio! If Jake Snake get in way, we crush him too!”

We asked Jake Roberts if he intended to be in the ring on March 30th. “Just try to keep me out!” he said in his unmistakable gravelly voice. “I’ll be there early to meet the fans and take photos with them. This is going to be a fantastic event!” He paused momentarily, then whispered, “Trust me!”

Matches include former WWE Superstars Chris Masters (The Masterpiece) vs. Sinn Bodhi (Kizarny)

This special event (“Flirting with Venom”) is produced by LAW (Los Angeles Wrestling) in association with EWF (Empire Wrestling Federation).

Complete event information and tickets are available HERE:

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Celebrity - Show Biz clinic originally published at Celebrity - Show Biz clinic

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