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This news story originally appeared at Celebrity - Show Biz clinic on 4 February 2023

360 Protective Solutions on the Importance of Executive Protection For Executives and VIPs

Celebrity - Show Biz clinic originally published at Celebrity - Show Biz clinic

360 Protective Solutions offers executive and close protection services to its clients that exceed today’s standards.
By: Grow My Security Company
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Celebrity Protection Detail
Celebrity Protection Detail

NEW YORKJan. 19, 2023PRLog — Professional security services company, 360 Protective Solutions, offers platinum-level executive protection services tailored to the needs of every client.

360 Protective Solutions, a professional security services company based in New York, offers decades of experience in executive and close protection services. The company specializes in protecting VIPs, executives, and celebrities from the growing number of real-world threats that could potentially be present in any location, any situation, and at any time. All clients can rest assured they will receive an individualized protection plan that is customized to their exact needs and the level of protection required.

For many people in the corporate or celebrity world, personalized protection is a necessity — either for certain events or trips or on an ongoing basis. Often, through the nature of their role, top-level executives are at risk from potentially hostile acts and physical harm. Celebrities with a large fan base need clear and present security that sets boundaries and assesses risks in real time. From uniformed security to more discrete or plain clothes security detail, 360 Protective Solutions provides services and expertise that can be tailored to every need, event, and potential threat.

Nelson Vergara, founder, and CEO of 360 Protective Solutions said, “The threat of domestic and international terrorism has never been greater. Executive and close protection services are an unfortunate necessity for mitigating risk and keeping clients safe. We use our industry experience, facts on the ground, and intelligence strategies to form a protection plan our clients can have complete confidence in, no matter where their schedule takes them.”

It is critical for anybody in a prominent or high-profile position to have professional, high-trained security services at their disposal at all times. This protection should extend past public engagements and include family protection in the home, technical security, fire security, and services that can be adapted to reduce and eliminate any potential threat as it is identified. 360 Protective Solutions is proud to be able to provide all of these services and more.

Each member of the company’s close protection services team works with integrity, discretion, and professionalism at all times and continues to receive ongoing training. Attention to detail and exemplary planning ensures all protective measures are in place and ready to deploy well before an event takes place. All services will be tailored to suit the specific needs of every client, event, and the nature of any threat. This 360-degree approach to safety and security gives peace of mind and allows clients to focus on enjoying events, meeting their fanbase, or taking care of business.

About 360 Protective Solutions

360 Protective Solutions, a BBB-accredited professional security services company, offers a wealth of experience and options for executives and VIPs looking for the highest standard of executive and close protection services. The company’s strength and reputation are built on providing platinum-level protection services that far exceed today’s standards and which align with the ever-changing threat landscape.

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Celebrity Protection Detail

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Celebrity - Show Biz clinic originally published at Celebrity - Show Biz clinic

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